What You Need To Know When Shopping For a New Mattress

Traditionally people have the standard frame, box spring and innerspring mattress setup in their bedroom, but with the rise of different types of mattresses there can be more questions on what is actually needed or what might be missing to create the correct experience. Of course, a lot of the setup of a bed is dependent on if a buyer chooses the correct frame or if they want to alter certain aspects of the bed's comfort.

Foam mattresses often are equipped to be without a box spring at all, and just function on a frame. This adds to the factor of them having a more range in being more soft to firm. The frame suited for the bed is another factor that changes the overall texture of the mattress, as some of them are equipped with a more springy mattress that allows for a softer setup. On the other hand, others are used in a solid platform frame which adds a layer of firmness to the bed. In traditional box spring and mattress setups, the intent is for the box spring to add the supportive aspect of the bed where the platform takes the place of that in latex and foam mattress beds.

Latex mattresses are, by nature, more firm than their memory foam counterpart. They also don't require a box spring setup and only run on the platform of the bed itself. Most of the time in both bed situations, the platform is wooden as it has been found that the wood provides a more sturdy support system than other types. The metal frames often lead to a dissonance in the support of a mattress, as the support is anchored in more specific areas rigidly than when a wooden frame is used. Since foam and latex mattresses are often heavy, a frame with little support is not ideal.

On the positive side, both memory foam and latex can fit perfectly well into an already purchased bed frame and that will cut down on the added purchase of a frame and/or headboard. Though this is also dependent on the brand that is purchased and the overall outcome that is desired. If one desires an adjustable memory foam bed, however, the frame will need to be a specific one instead of any. In addition, most beds are intended to be used altogether and have a specific goal in mind for the firmness and durability. But if a consumer buys a mattress to go along with a frame already purchased, then it will be a slightly different effect than the given effect intended by the manufacturer.

The effect of foam and latex mattresses is that they are more supportive than innerspring and enable a more cohesive circulation for the user. The foundation of a bed helps to end up with the desired effect, and the lessened cost of a box spring adds to reasons why a latex or foam mattress can end up being more efficient. Though latex and foam mattresses range from slightly more expensive to quite a bit so, the overall cost is lessened without a box spring to be purchased and with the potential for usage of a bed frame already being purchased.