What Are Some of The Most Popular Computer Software Applications

Computer Software When we talk of computer software, we are talking about data or computer instructions. By a simple definition, software means anything that one can store electronically. It is similar to hardware. Hard ware is a storage and display device. Computer software is organized in the form of programs, utilities, applications and operating systems that helps computers to work.

It is made up of:

  • Code written by programmers, and
  • Carefully-organized instructions
Software can be written in various languages.

Categories of computer software repackaging

Computer software is divided into two main categories, namely:
  • System software, and
  • Application software
The former is invisible to the user and includes Admin Studio software repackaging programs. It controls the basic functions of a computer, while the later handles all the specialized tasks that a user wants to perform like:
  • Word processing
  • Data processing
  • Communicating, and
  • Accounting

Difference between software and Hardware

Sometimes, these two terms can be used interchangeably. You can use them as both nouns and adjectives. For instance, if you say that the problem with this computer lies in the software, you are invariably saying that there is a problem with its data or program, not just with the computer itself.

Another way of saying it is that it is a software problem. Hardware and software are integrally linked. If you buy a program, you have also bought the software. But if you want to buy the software, you must first of all buy the disk where the software would be recorded.

Let us explain the two categories of computer software more clearly:

Visual Studio software

These are the programs that are used to manage the operating system. If the systems are not installed in your computer, then you will have to be typing every instruction you want the computer to perform. Visual Studio is very popular with multimedia computer users and is a great solution for those that work in this industry.

Application software

This is also called applications. It is also referred to as end-user and productivity programs because they help the user to complete tasks like:
  • Publications
  • Databases
  • Spreadsheets
  • Creation of documents
  • Doing online research
  • Designing graphics
  • Sending email
  • Playing games, and
  • Running businesses
Application software performs the tasks it is designed for successfully. It is complex like a word processing application. For instance if you want to create a document, you will see that the processing software has already set the line spacing, size, font style and margins for you.

But there are other formatting options, and you can change these settings. The word processing applications enable you to:

  • Add headings
  • Colour
  • Add or delete pictures
  • Change the appearance of the document
  • Copy or move the documents to suit your preferences.
Software suit is also included in word processing application. It is one of those computer software that has related functionality. It includes database, spreadsheet, email applications and presentation.

A web browser is designed specifically to display, retrieve and locate contents. Web browsers like Safari, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and internet explorer are some of the popular options.