Aged Care Certificate III: Helping you secure a Career in Aged Care

A TAE course like this one is worth considering but the Australian aged care industry is bound to grow by a staggering 30% in the next decade. For those who want a career change or are looking for better career opportunities, an aged care certificate III can help make your resume stronger. This course covers most of the basic skills required for aged care workers.

The following are a few reasons why an aged care certificate III is necessary

  • It is a nationally accredited course
  • It has been developed via careful planning by actual aged care organizations
  • It teaches all necessary skills which an individual needs to know before starting a career in aged care


Requirements for enrolling in Aged Care Certificate III

  • Though enrolling in the aged care certificate course doesn’t require any formal education, a high school diploma is given preference
  • The minimum age of enrollment is eighteen years. Though there are some programs which may take up candidates about sixteen or older.
  • Some programs may require you to submit a certificate of health to ensure that you are able bodied and could carry out tasks like lifting heavy loads with ease
  • Basic computer skills are a must. You would need these skills to upload documents and hand over written assignments required for completing the course successfully.


Aim for the course

Certificate III in aged care is awarded to students with the following aims

  • To prepare students for individual and personal care of the elderly
  • To instill in them a habit of providing assistance when required
  • Develop multi skilled workers who can perform a variety of tasks like helping the elderly lead fruitful lives and administering medical care when required
  • Students will learn the importance of keeping records. These records would help them keep track of their wards. In case of a change in health and possible distress these things should be conveyed to the immediate family


Possible career outcomes

Once you have completed the program you can expect to work in any of the following categories

  • Home care assistants or personal care assistant
  • Respite workers, personal care givers
  • Community support workers and support workers

The duties may involve simple things like helping the elderly carry out every day chores like bathing and caring for their personal hygiene. You would be required to assist them in going to public places and provide facilities at home which would help improve their quality of life.

All students completing the course would be issued a testamur and a statement of results. All the successfully completed course units would be mentioned in the statement of results.

Are you thinking of enrolling in a certificate III in aged care program, make sure you check out the online courses available at These courses however need to be supported by certain hours of practical training in order to be completed successfully.