Free SEO Tools you Can Use To Boost Your Website’s Rankings

seo melbourne australia You might need the professional services of a SEO company, but you need to pay for those. SEO campaign implementation is not that cheap, this is why you should check which are those solutions that you can implement yourself. This way, you will save some important money; you only need to spend some more time on your SEO strategy, but there are for sure tactics that you can implement yourself. Let’s see a few really useful & free tools that you should look up online

  • Tools for Keyword Research- Many SEO companies will charge quite expensive for keyword research, and this research is the basic for any strategy. You can research the best keywords for yourself, using a few free tools, such as Wordstream, YouTube Keyword Tool or Keyword Eye Basic. All these SEO tools will help you check the exact keywords or key phrases that would match your business. If you are looking to use long-tail phrases, the best free tool you can use is UberSuggest (it will basically make good suggestions based on data retrieved from Google!). A SEO Melbourne company could charge you extra for keyword research, so perform this strategy yourself.
  • Content Related Tools- In order to create your content, you need to stay away from distractions. You could make use of the following free tools for the creation of brilliant content. Use Evernote to organize your files, take notes, or write your creative pieces. Use Word2CleanHTML in order to format your HTML so that when copy/pasted into the webpage there will be no code related bugs appearing. Then, use WordCounter app in order to check on the length of your blog posts or website content. You always need to know how many words each piece has, and you can find out by using WordCounter.
  • Examine page speed- loading page speed is an extremely important factor. You need to ensure that your page loads quickly and that visitors can view without problems any pictures or videos posted on your website. Otherwise, if loading time is too slow most of the people will give up, return to the search engine page and visit you competition’s website. One such extremely useful page speed examining SEO tool is GTMetrix. The tool will diagnose the issues available on your site and suggest facts for improvement. Your report page will display issues such as the need of making fewer HTTP requests, informing you that a certain add expires headers, or that you need to reduce DNS lookups.

If you do not have the necessary time to make these changes or use these tools to implement SEO strategies, hire the services of an SEO Australia expert. When researching online, make sure you will contact a company that has a high reputation. Read plenty of genuine reviews and testimonials and see what other people have to say about the services of the respective company. When searching for a SEO company, just comparison shop like you would do for any other item/product/service you want to buy. Ensure that the prices charged are affordable to you, and that you are allowed to choose a custom tailored SEO package and not a package containing services you actually do not need. Good luck with your SEO campaign and see those profits on the rise!